Modular Homes

Modular Homes

What is a modular home?


modular home is built in a controlled factory environment in sections, or modules, and is engineered and built to the state or local building codes where the home will be located. Factory-built modules are then transported to the site, where they are installed on permanent foundations and completed by professional installers.



Built Faster, Less Worry

Unlike site-built homes, which can take many months to complete, modular construction reduces build time by over 35%. Quicker construction time can save you money and reduce some of the stress of building your new home. The faster your home is built, the sooner you can enjoy it. And because most modular construction can be completed in less time than site built, the cost of interim construction financing is significantly reduced or eliminated.

Additional Savingscalvin-klein-modular-homes

Purchasing a Champion modular home can bring additional benefits. As the largest modular homebuilder in America, our size and expertise in the modular housing industry gives us the ability to pass along savings we achieve through modern construction methods, value engineering and volume purchases of building materials. Although some would call these savings economies of scale, we call it giving our homebuyers more home for their money.


At Champion, our commitment to quality starts with the first nail. Every module of our modular homes is professionally engineered and built by experienced and skilled craftsmen. Throughout the building process, our homes are continually inspected to ensure they comply with the appropriate building code, and also are built to our high quality standards. With years of experience in modular construction, we know quality and build it into every one of our homes.

Plus all of the advantages of site-built homes

What’s the difference between site-built and modular homes? A site-built home is constructedon site over a period of many weeks; a modular home is assembled on site and is usually finished within a week. Otherwise, both are constructed to adhere to the same building codes and zoning regulations. So, why not take advantage of modern modular construction when considering your new home? Our modular homes come in a variety of styles including ranches, cape cods and two-story models, just to name a few. Many of our models offer exceptional architectural options, exterior elevations and interior designs. Due to regional uniqueness and design needs, models will vary. Use Champion’s Find a Home search to view the different modular homes available in your area.

Below is a video of Calvin Klein Homes installing a modular home south of Covington, Louisiana…

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